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Final Design + Logo

Final design is finished and posted yesterday evening on dropbox. For the people who do not know the name yet: “Final Shape with Logos” is the correct one.

Bench is adjusted; surface of bench has a one degree slope upwards, so rain will fall off and it will be easier for the CNC. Bench height is now ergonomic 50cm.

Leg is adjusted as well; side of the smaller is now pointing outwards at the end of the leg, for easy CNC as Jelmer suggested. End of the leg is filleted.

Curves of the model can be offsetted now.

Model is made with all edges filleted and without fillet edges. Unfortunately we could not manage to fillet just the inner edges. Hopefully it is possible to combine the two for the molds somehow.

Here a preview of the placement of the logo. Renders will follow. 

Final Design

Logos Design

Group 2: Maaike Kok, shape study of the form to spice it up

Variant 1. 1 seat, 60 degrees curvature as made in Rhino. Klei3


Variant 2. Klei8

Variant 3. Klei6


Variant 4. Klei7

Variant 5. Klei5

Variant 6. Very nice curvature, attractive.Klei4


Variant 7. Model made as 3D example of a concept made by Luuk. To look if shape can stand on its own. This is possible if the back rest has enough curvature and when there is enough weight onder the seating area to keep the chair in balance.Klei1 

Group 2; Variants Maaike Kok


Divided dome into three equal parts. So only the molds for one part are needed. Parts can be positioned in dome shape, but are not connected in the middle so they can be randomly scattered on a square as well if there is not enough space. Next to that this provides easy assembly since one of the three parts can be produced in one day. The next day this part can already be assembled, while the next part is being made.

Variant 1: Dome with two stairs, 90 degrees curvature. 23m2. Too bigVariant1_90graden_2_stoelen

Variant 2: Dome with two stairs, 60 degrees curvature. 17m2. Variant2_60graden_2_stoelen

Variant 3: Dome with two stairs, 60 degrees curvature. 17m2.  Variant3_60graden_2_stoelen

Variant 4: Dome with two stairs, 60 degrees curvature. 15m2.  Variant4_60graden_2_stoelen

Variant 5: Dome with one stairs, 90 degrees curvature. 19,2m2.   Variant5_90graden_1_stoel


Variant 5: Different parts place randomly on a square instead of in a dome shape.Variant5_90graden_1_stoe0_random placementl