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Technoledge 2014-2015 quarter 1

PURvilion – The Unveiling

After a morning of retouching and installing the final elements, the PURvilion was finally unveiled … and what a beauty she was! The PURvilion will be placed between the zuidserre and the eastwing of the bouwkunde (architecture) building. Make sure to take a look at it and ofcourse to have a seat on it!

Special thanks to Gasco and Steon for sponsoring this project!

IMG_2562-1 IMG_2593-2 IMG_2602-4 IMG_2612-13 IMG_2617-18 IMG_2628-28 IMG_2633-33 IMG_2636-36 IMG_2637-37 IMG_2638-38 IMG_2641-41

1 mold, 28 blocks, 4.5 m3 PUR and so many questionmarks…

The buildingweek(s) began bright and early on monday 8 a.m. when the rest of the world had yet to arise. A peacefull Bouwkunde would soon be disturbed by the – seamingly endless – sound of our drillmachines, lengths shoutouts and some curses at the grasshoppermodels.

But by the end of the day.. we had sort of successfully extracted the right drawings, built the side panelling and support system, one testblock PURed to test the PURmachine and we set up the first (203) block-to-be-PURed-tuesday.

2014-10-20 17.06.43